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Moti Pinhassi, an urban and regional planner, lives in Netanya and works for the municipality. He is an activist in the field of sustainable transportation, and a panoramic photography artist.

His photographic artwork is not produced by Photoshop or any other digital means. Rather, it is composed of pictures printed individually that are cut and glued together one by one to form a larger design, and then laminated in a special oven.

His compositions generally display a 360-degree view, with a level horizon. It is possible to produce a design in any size – the bigger, the better!

If you want to buy a panorama for the home or the office - please contact and you will receive the best service! :)

These are my tools:

And this is how I create:



News Coverage:

"The World This Morning", National Israeli TV Reshet, May 31st, 2018



Judaica in the Spotlight, May 22, 2019


Trouver En Israël, February 20th, 2019



Virág Gulyás, The Times of Israel, April 23, 2018


Ruth Berman, Netanya News, April 27 2018 - The cover story!



Ilana Strauss, From The Grapevine, April 28, 2015


Rachel Neiman, Israel 21C, April 17, 2015


Interview at the radio show "The Soul Way" of Golan Lavie, At Good Life Radio, April 13, 2015:


Ruth Berman, Netanya News, March 27, 2015


Erez Ronen, Holes in the Net, April 2, 2015

Ruth Berman, Netanya News, March 15, 2013


Gal Mor, Holes in the Net, August 16, 2011


Ruth Berman, Netanya News, June 24, 2011


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