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Holy Glance - The Book

Holy Glance is a book containing 28 beautiful panoramic landscape photos of the Land of Israel, from Mount Hermon to Eilat. 
An investment of creativity, effort, and resources, this special volume is printed on high-quality, especially thick HD paper with extremely durable binding that permits flat opening to 180 degrees, enabling optimal viewing of panoramic pictures.
Each page affords a rich panorama, additional small photos of the site, a brief text and a verse from the Bible or a quote of classic Israeli poetry, in Hebrew, English, and French, and can be translated to more languages.

This book makes an exceptional gift that is sure to touch the heart of the recipient. Suitable to be sent to friends abroad who love, miss, and yearn for the Land of Israel!
For each purchase of the book you will receive a complementary set of panoramic postcards.


The printed book
 Price: 49.95$ + 8$ shipment
A digital book (PDF)
 Price: 7$
Buyers of the digital book will get a discount
for the printed book at this price!
A special offer for businesses!

Buy the book or the postcards set as gifts for your customers or employees,
with an option to add your design of a double spread page inside the book.
For more details click here. To order please contact.

Review on the book and postcards set:

The flat opening:

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Selected pages:

ירושלים תל אביב חיפה ועכו נתניה והשרון הגליל והגולן הנגב הספר


(C)  כל הזכויות שמורות למוטי פנחסי  *  C) Moti Pinhassi - Holy Glance)