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Solo exhibitions

September 17th - December 31st, 2015 - The Personal Pan, at Ziv Towers, Ramat Ha'hayal, Tel Aviv:
After a successful crowd funding campign, I've set up the exhibition with 15 extra large panoramas, and published the first edition of the book.
More pictures from the grand opening you can see here.



"Face of the Protest": A permanent exhibition, on display since October 2011 at the staircase of Naftali building - Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University.
An 18.5 meters wide (60.7 feet) panorama of the tents and presentations that were set up at Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, from Allenby st. to Habima square, on the days of the Tents Protest of 2011 Summer, and four more panoramas from the days of the protest.
To view the full panorama click the picture below:


June 1-30th, 2011: "The Personal Pan", at the Council Gallery, Netanya City Hall.
My first big exhibition, with twenty framed panoramas.
Greetings at the grand opening: Arch. Aric Schneider - chairman of the Netanya Artists Association, Meital Lehavi - Deputy mayor of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo, Arch. Paul Vital - Netanya city engineer, Izzy Inbar - Netanya municipality CEO, and finally Miriam Fierberg-Ikkar, mayor of Netanya. Here you can see photos from the set-up, and photos from the grand opening.


April 2011 till October 2012 - Louisa Caffe, Kiryat Hasharon sportech, Netanya.
Four framed panoramas. 


November 2011 till April 2013 - Discount Bank, Kiryat Hasharon branch, Netanya.
19 framed panoramas.



Group Exhibitions

March 16th 2018 - June 11th 2018 - "Peeping to the port" - Tel Aviv Port.
Production: "Israeli Artists Join Forces Association".


August 2-16, 2016 - "This child is me", "On the Lake Gallery", Ra'anana park.
Production: "Israeli Artists Join Forces Association".
One panorama (Kiryat Hasharon Sportech, Netanya), with single images around it. The panorama is shown in the video below starting from 2:28.



March 21st-April 11th, 2014 - "Around the world with color and picture", The Diamond Exchange building.
Production: "Israeli Artists Join Forces Association".
Four large framed panoramas.


Since July 5th, 2013 - "From the window to the balcony", The Museum of the History of Netanya.
Four cross-time panoramas aroun Zion Square, Netanya - with pictures from the past of the square integrated at current time.




March 17th - April 1st, 2012 - "A new thing in art", "Minus 3 Gallery", 65 Rothschild blvd., Tel Aviv.
Production: Reli Wasser.
Four large framed panoramas..



March-November 2012 - "Israeli Folk Songs", Ma'ale Ha'hamisha hotel.
Production: Reli Wasser.
18 framed panoramas, every artwork in the exhibition was accompanied with a song which was an inspiration to the artwork.



New artists at the Netanya artists association, The council and engineering galleries, Netanya City Hall.
Two framed panoramas with the views of Netanya.

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