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Beautiful panoramic views from the Holy Land:
For your home, office, or as a present!

Hand made panoramic artwork, without photoshop, assembled as a collage to a gigantic picture. Most of the pictures show a 360 degrees view with a level horizon. Various view types available - sea, urban, nature, desert, night, winter and more - from all over the land of Israel.

To purchase a panorama to your home or office - contact me and you will get the best service!

Customers recommendations:  

"Three years ago I've ordered six panoramic pictures to decorate the offices of "Mortgage Wisely" - a mortgage consulting company. The pictures are very beautiful, in every room at the office there's a picture with an amazing view and much presence. The pictures are of high quality, pictures of nature and calm and also urban view, every day I enjoy the pictures anew. I'd like to thank you for the quality pictures and the quick and good service. I recommend them for every home and every office."

Daniel Sasson,
 "Mortgage Wisely", Rehovot

"Dear Moti, we thank you for the amazing panorama of the sunset in Netanya that beautifies our office. The customers entering the office are delighted while they watch the picture. Kudos for an amazing initiative, rise and succeed and continue to make pleasure for people with the masterpieces you create!"

Roy Yehuda and Moshe Shaul,
Masada Real Estate, Netanya

"On every business trip I like to bring something from Israel to my friends from the world to show all the beautiful things we have. This time I've decided to bring Moti's amazing postcard sets with views from all over Israel. It was a great success, colleagues from all over the world - USA, China, India, Argentina, Spain and Venezuela had the privilege to see that in Israel there are so many sceneries, asked me questions about the places and I got to show them my hometown Netanya in the pictures. I strongly recommend this special way of bringing a little from Israel to your acquaintances abroad."

Ortal Tamam,
a student of medicine and genetics researcher at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

"The panorama of the Island boardwalk in Netanya is decorating the entrance to my office and I enjoy it a lot, it makes me a proud Netanyan. The picture expresses and emphasizes the beauty of the city and the talented artist is also from this city, the idea itself of the joining of the pictures is brilliant and fascinating to me.
Well done!"

Sharon Ayalon,
Attorney at law


Price: 8.90$ + 4$ shipment
Click here for more details about The panoramic postcard set.


Price: 49.95$ + 8$ shipment
Click here for more details about Holy Glance - The book.

Price: 7$
Buy the digital book (PDF) and get a discount of the price paid to buy the printed book!

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